Raincoast Field School - Fall 2017 (Tofino)

Raincoast Field School, Fall Session (Oct 13)
Ms. Payne’s grade 1/2 class

Students headed down to the mudflats to explore intertidal seaweeds and discover critters in the eelgrass. Students found crabs and sculpins in the eelgrass beds. Then students got to taste some of the seaweed species they found!

Raincoast Field School, Fall Session (Oct 13)
Mr. Grigg’s grade 4/5 class

Students are learning about explorers, navigation and cardinal directions in class, so today they went on a map-making mission! Students used cardinal directions to find key spots in town and created a detailed map of downtown Tofino. What a great application of new skills!

Raincoast Field School, Fall Session (Oct 11)
Ms. Thompson's grade 2 class

After making class predictions about what sorts of creatures live among the eelgrass, students headed to the Tofino harbour to do a beach seine and test their hypothesis. They found sculpins, crabs, comb jellies and baby urchins (among many other cool critters!). The comb jellies were popular, so we discussed about what makes them unique from other jellies. You never know what you will find in the field!

Raincoast Field School, Fall Session (Oct 10)
Ms. Avila’s kindergarten class

Students had a sunny, adventure-filled day! After exploring the shoreline in the mudflats, students learned how to distinguish male and female crabs and then learned about other animals that use the mudflats to forage and survive.

Raincoast Field School, Fall Session (Oct 6)
Mr. Clarke’s kindergarten class

Students headed to the mudflats for a fun-filled day of exploring and learning. Students found bear scat, crabs and limpets, and learned about predator-prey interactions in this unique ecosystem.