Raincoast Field School - Spring 2017 (Tofino)

This is the 3rd year that the Raincoast Education Society has been collaborating with Wickaninnish Community School to deliver outdoor, experiential programs for Tofino's youth. Students of all 10 classes at the elementary school receive regular Field School excursions, and most are studying a year-round theme such as sustainability, biodiversity or local ecosystem dynamics. Each Field School outing is designed to complement the class theme. Adventures range from hiking on Meares Island, to surfing, mudflat and intertidal ecology, and more! We are so grateful for the community support that allows the Raincoast Field School to continue each season!

- Ariane Batic
Raincoast Field School Coordinator for Tofino

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (April 18)
Ms. Michaud’s grade 2/3 class

Students are learning how to make scientific drawings, and today they headed to Tonquin Beach to observe intertidal creatures. Using their field observation skills, students made detailed drawings of sea anemones and mussels while taking notes of their habitat and asking questions about the animals’ lifestyle.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (April 13)

Ms. Copeland’s grade 2/3 class

As an introduction to the importance of water and natural resources, students hiked out to the water tower. Students made observations about water movement along the trail, made predictions about the volume of water in the tower and discussed the seasonal changes of water in our community. Next up students will learn about how water affects living organisms in their ecosystems and play a water cycle game with their big buddies (the grade 5/6 class).

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (April 12)

Ms. Burrow’s grade 1/2 class

Students are learning all about terrestrial ecosystems in class, and today they got to explore the rainforest ecosystem and search for bugs and slugs! With a magnifying glass in hand, students used their observation skills to find tiny critters, discuss their habitat and ask questions about their survival techniques.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (April 11)
Ms. Morris’s grade 5/6 class

After learning about the importance of water in class, students worked in teams to invent a fun, active and educational game about the water cycle. After some brainstorming and teamwork, students tested out their game while considering its effectiveness and reflecting on any improvements they might need. Next up students will take the lead and use their newfound game to teach their little buddies (grade 2/3) how water moves around our world!

Raincoast Field School, Spring Session (April 4)

Ms. Hovi's Grade 3/4 class

After study rocks in the classroom, students headed to the beach to put their newfound rock-knowledge to use! Students collected a few unique rocks and worked together to determine whether the rocks were sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. They also discussed where the rocks might have originated from, and what minerals they are made of. Afterwards, students played a game to simulate the geological formation of Vancouver Island. For example, they emulated accreting igneous rocks by clustering together to understand the formation of mountainous terranes of the west coast! Cool!