Raincoast Field School - Spring 2018 (Tofino)

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Feb 15)
Mr. Grigg’s grade 4/5 class

To begin their inquiry-based class project, students headed into the forest to learn some of the key elements that make up a coastal temperate rainforest. Afterward students sat with an unknown plant to make observations and ask questions about its lifestyle – many of these questions will make the foundations of their upcoming inquiry project!

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Feb 9)
Ms. Morris’s grade 6/7 class
With nature photographers Marcus Paladino and Nora Morrison

Students learned all about what to search for when taking a good quality photo with a presentation from professional photographer, Marcus Paladino. Students practiced their photography skills with a trip to Tonquin Beach, where they got creative with new perspectives. Many expressed having gained a fresh outlook on the world after exploring it through a camera lens! Some of these student photos will be featured at our annual Capturing the Coast photo contest!


Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Feb 9)
Ms. Seibel’s grade 1 class

In partnership with Connecting Students with Wildlife Project

Students played some bear and cougar games to learn about animal behavior and traits, and then headed into the forest to set up a wildlife camera! Students put their scientist hats on to make predictions of what animals they will see on the wildlife camera… next, we will investigate and test student predictions!

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Feb 8)
Mr. Clarke’s kindergarten class

Students have been learning all about grey whales in class and today they headed out on a whale adventure! Students played whale migration games at Cox Bay, learned about whale food (like the tube worms pictured!) and then went out to Sunset point to search for migrating grey whales through binoculars.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Feb 6)
Mr. Reynold’s grade 3/4 class

Nature journal update: Students headed into the forest to learn all about hemlock trees! Students noted observations about the trees and then made a scientific drawing about a small sample.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Feb 2)
Ms. Avila’s kindergarten/grade 1 class

In partnership with UVic Clayoquot Sound Field Semester

Students in Ms. Avila’s class are learning about weather, and UVic Geography students are in the midst of their Coastal Meteorology course – so today they worked together to investigate the weather in Tofino! Students discussed different types of weather and then Dr. Shannon Fargey, the UVic course instructor, taught K/1 students how to use a rain gauge, and university students taught them how to check temperature and wind speed.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Feb 1)
Ms. Hovi’s grade 5/6 class

Students are getting ready to learn about the moon cycle, and they’ve begun an experiment to test the correlation between the intensity of the tides and the lunar phase. Students wrote a hypothesis to test the following question: ‘Is the degree of variation between high and low tides correlated to the lunar cycle?’ Afterwards, studentsvisited Tonquin Beach at high tide on the day following the super blue moon. Students were surprised and expressed that was the highest they’d ever seen the tide! Next up students will compare photos of high tide on the full moon, quarter moons and new moon and compare their data to answer their question.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Jan 24)
Ms. Payne’s grade 1/2 class

After learning about the water cycle in class, students headed to the water tower to learn about where Tofino’s water comes from, and to review their knowledge of gravity and water flow! Students also ran to the water tower and back... and some of them were in need of a brief forest rest on our way back to school.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Jan 23)
Mr. Reynolds’s grade 3/4 class

Students wrapped up their ocean acidification experiment by observing the shells that had been soaking in vinegar over the holidays. Although some shells had likely dissolved in the vinegar, the experiment had encountered a slight problem - the surface of the water in our control had gotten moldy! This led to some interesting discussions on reviewing and reassessing scientific methods, on classifying organisms in different kingdoms (plants, fungi and animals), and on fungi reproduction… neat! Afterwards, students released the shells we’d borrowed back to their rightful home, the ocean.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Jan 22)
Ms. Baas’s grade 2 class

Students have learned all about evaporation, condensation and precipitation in class, and as part of their lessons on the water cycle they got to go see the water tower. Students discussed volume and circumference and then learned about where our water comes from – Meares Island!

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (Jan 12)
Mr. Grigg’s grade 4/5 class, Ms. Aujla’s grade 4/5
In partnership with UVic Clayoquot Sound Field Semester

Students in Mr. Grigg and Ms. Aujla’s class have been learning all about mapping, explorers and navigation. During a collaborative exercise, students worked with visiting university students (taking a Coastal Planning course in Tofino) to create a map of downtown Tofino, featuring places that are important to them and their families. University of Victoria students and grade 4/5 students also got to exchange their thoughts on sense of place… and play a giant game of everybody’s-it-tag!