Photo of a student with her salmon roe (eggs) during a fall salmon spawn program, Barkley Sound. Photo: Kimberly Johnston.

A student with her salmon roe (eggs) during a fall salmon spawn program, Barkley Sound. Photo: Kimberly Johnston

Education Programs

The goal of our educational programs is to provide residents and visitors of the Clayoquot and Barkley Sound region with high-quality learning opportunities about the environmental and cultural history of the region. Our programs vary throughout the season as well as by group. During the school year, we deliver a range of educational programs for students K -12, with a primary focus on outdoor-based learning. Our summer camps and young naturalists programs offer outdoor education programs for local and visiting youth in the summer months (July & August). In addition to our youth programs, we offer guided nature walks during the summer months, or by request year-round. We are also pleased to host a range of guest lectures as part of our fall/winter speaker series. For more information about any of these programs, please see below. 

Raincoast Field School

The goal of the Raincoast Field School is to increase outdoor learning opportunities for students in our local public schools. We believe that adventure and discovery are at the heart of a well-rounded education. By providing our local public schools with unique, field school programs that meet BC curricular learning outcomes and that feature traditional aboriginal knowledge, we have created educational opportunities that are quite unique in British Columbia.

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Summer Camps

Every summer, we offer a broad range of day camps to engage local and visiting children and youth. Our summer camps offer fun, activity-based learning opportunities focused on the rich marine and rainforest ecosystems of the region. Summer is a time of plenty and our camps provide youth with excellent opportunities to understand the natural abundance of the region, from salmon to whales to berries and more.

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Ecology Tours

Our expert guides draw on both scientific and cultural perspectives to provide a unique understanding of the globally significant ecosystems of the region. From the rare coastal rainforests to the rich marine environment to the impressive wildlife migrations, our guided walks explore the incredible diversity of flora and fauna. Our most popular guided walks are our rainforest walks, intertidal walks and mudflat walks (as listed below), but we are always excited to take your group on a tour that is unique to your needs.

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UVic Clayoquot Sound Field Semester

We are now pleased to present the Clayoquot Sound Field Semester with UVic Department of Geography and RES. This intensive semester-long field school runs from January to April 2018 and consists of six upper-level Geography courses. One of the goals is to evaluate issues from a wide diversity of perspectives all bound by the context of environmental conservation and sustainability.

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