Raincoast Field School - Fall 2018 (Ucluelet)

Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (September 20, 2018)

Ms. Sigmund K/1 Class Blackberries and Seasons

After learning about different berries that are found around Ucluelet, (salal, blackberry, and huckleberries) students acted out the different seasons and lifecycle stages of a berry plant.  Students then went to three stations to examined the leaves with magnifying glasses, sorting the leaves and made leaf rubbings. Their efforts were rewarded at the end of the day by tasting sweet berries. Yum!







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (September 25, 2018)

Ms Mcpherson ½ Salmon Introduction

Students got to solve the mystery of the missing species, the salmon. Students had to find suspects on the beach and discuss why they might have caused the salmon to go missing.







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (September 26, 2018)

Ms Hogan K/1 Beary Berry Walk

Students got to explore their own schoolyard for their first trip outside.  Students first learned about bears and what they like to eat. We then learned about our local berry plants in the classroom.  They took their knowledge and used it to play a relay race.







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (September 27, 2018)

Ms. Sigmund’s K/1 Class Berry Exploration Walk

Students went on a hunt to Little Beach looking for berries.  Once students arrived at the beach they had time to explore using magnifying glasses.  We then played a relay race game, where students had to identify the correct basket to put their berry leaf in.  What a fun way to learn about our local berries!






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 2, 2018)

Ms Mcpherson Grade 1/2 Salmon Lifecycles

Students reviewed the salmon lifecycle by creating lifecycles on the beach using materials they found on the beach. We finished the day by playing the salmon lifecycle game, that ended with a vigorous game of orca salmon tag on the beach.






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 3, 2018)

Ms Hogan K/1 Beach Berries

Students had their first adventure off school property. We hiked down to Little Beach, and on the way students discovered the leaves growing on the path were the same as we have been learning about in class (strong salal, silly salmonberry, prickly blackberry, and tiny huckleberry).  At the beach students acted out the lifecycle of a berry and used beach materials to create a berry life cycle.







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 10, 2018)

Ms. Lefevre Grade 4 Intertidal Explorations

The grade 4 students headed down to Big Beach to peer into the tide pools like peaceful herons.  In doing so, students were able to explore the interactions of the species living there.  Students then sketched their tidepool.  Back at the school students used string to make a web that represented all the interactions and interconnectedness between species.  After lunch, students used crayons to draw out their sketches. What a great day!







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 11, 2018)

Ms. Cameron Grade 4/5 Intertidal Explorations

Students headed down to Big Beach to discover what types of species are living in the tidepools. Students recorded and sketched out all the species they found to create an inventory. What a great day to explore some amazing species.







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 12, 2018)

Ms. Kinvig Grade 1 Leaf Hunt

Students hunted for leaves on their way down to Little Beach.  Once we arrived students played a game of match my leaf with the leaves they had collected.  Students then played a lifecycle game where they got to pretend to be a little seed that grew into a big plant.  Back at school students used their leaves to create rubbing patterns.  What a great fall day!






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 16, 2018)

Ms. McPherson Grade 1/2 Visit to Thornton Fish Hatchery

Students had a fun filled morning exploring and learning about the Thornton Fish Hatchery.  Students got to see the different lifecycle phases of local Chinook salmon and even got up close and personal with the salmon.  After students shared a song about salmon lifecycles and challenges that salmon are facing with the Hatchery staff.  Thanks Thornton Fish Hatchery for a great visit!







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 23, 2018)

Ms Francoeur Grade 2/3 Spider and Bug Hunt

Students in this class have been studying the wonderful book Charlotte’s Web.  What a great time to get outside and find some spiders and bugs right in our own backyard.  Students had a hard time at first finding our creepy crawly friends, but once we found some we found a bunch! After in class students filed out their bug investigation forms to describe the bug they found in the field. 






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 24, 2018)

Ms Sigmund’s Grade K/1 Colour Hunt

Students have been learning all about different colours in their class.  We took them outside to find all of these colours in nature.  We brought our treasures back to the class for some fun sorting activities.  Students sorted the treasure into different colours different shapes and different patterns.   What a great day!






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 26, 2018)

Ms Green’s Grade 3 Mapping Scavenger Hunt

After learning about maps in the classroom, students applied their knowledge to finding clues scattered around their school yard.  Students had to solve the clue to find their next station.  At the various stations students had to give their map a title, a legend, orient the map to north, determine the scale of the map and add something special to the map to personalize it.  What a great adventure!






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (October 30, 2018)

Mr. Garand 5/6 Tidal Zone Exploration

After making predictions in the classroom to what creatures would be found at the various tidal zones, students headed to Big Beach to see what actually lived in the tidal zones.  Students recorded a minimum of three sample sites in either splash, high, mid tidal zones.  After all that hard work, students were rewarded with an exhilarating came of sea anemone vs. sculpin. Both the anemones and the sculpins had to strategize to succeed! 






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (November 1, 2018)

Ms. Sigmund K/1 Hatchery

Ms. Sigmund’s class has been learning all about their special classroom species the Salmon this year.  In class, we learned about the lifecycle of the salmon and sang a song to remember the different stages.  Students were then treated with a bus ride to the Thornton Fish Hatchery to see up close the spawning salmon in the stream and got to hold salmon eggs.  Thanks Thornton Hatchery for a wonderful day!







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (November 7, 2018)

Ms. Mcpherson ½ Lifecycle of the Octopus at the Ucluelet Aquarium

Students headed down to the Ucluelet Aquarium to learn more about the life cycle of the octopus. Students got to see the resident octopus, Swim Shaddy, up close and learn all about these fascinating creatures.  After, students compared the lifecycle of the octopus with the life cycle of the salmon.  What a great day at the Aquarium!







Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (November 8, 2018)

Ms. Cameron’s 4/5 Behind the scenes at the Ucluelet Aquarium

In preparation for building their own tank exhibits with the Ucluelet Aquarium, students got a behind the scenes tour of the operations of the Ucluelet Aquarium. Students even got to go below the aquarium to see where sick animals are cared for and how all the water gets in and out of the aquarium! After the tour, students compared the similarities and differences of the aquarium exhibits to the Big Beach tide pools. Thanks so much Ucluelet Aquarium for an incredible day! Looking forward to our next trip when we get to clean the tanks out for the end of the season!






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (November 9, 2018)

Ms. Hogan K/1 Bear Hibernation

Students in Ms Hogan’s are learning all about bears this year.  As the weather gets colder students learned about what bears do in the winter time on Vancouver Island.  Students made bear masks and learned all about how bears adapt to their environment.  Afterwards, students headed out into the forest to practice their hibernation.  Students had to collect enough “food” to survive the winter, then find a suitable habitat to hibernate for the winter.  What a bear-rific day!






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (November 14, 2018)

Ms. Wilson 6/7 Cermaq Fish Farm Visit

Ms. Wilson's Grade 6/7 class is studying resource management and salmon fisheries on the west coast this year. Their first field school adventure was a visit to a finfish aquaculture site - students boated out into Clayoquot Sound to tour the facility and learn all about how a fish farm operates, and then students discussed the social, environmental and economic implications of managing this industry. Thanks so much to Cermaq's local crew for the incredible day!






Raincoast Field School Session in Ucluelet (November 21, 2018)

Ms. Francoeur 2/3 Wild vs. Domestic Geese and Migration

Students have been studying the novel Charlotte’s Web in their literacy class.  What a great time to learn about the similarities and differences between wild and domesticated geese. The class also got to learn about adaptations the geese have to help them survive on their long migration south. We took our learning outside where we were treated with a flock of wild geese right in the school yard.  While making observations, field sketches and counting the geese, more and more geese kept landing in the field. What an amazing experience!