Raincoast Field School - Spring 2015 (Tofino)

SPRING 2015 - WEEK 1

An amazing first week of Field School!
Ms Hansen and Ms Hovi's WCS grade 6/7 Class:

Day 1: Explore marine and rainforest ecosystems, test pH levels of salt water, rainforest stream water and hot springs water, and learn about the geologic forces at play on our incredible coastline. Thanks to Remote Passages, students were able to accomplish all of these tasks on an excursion to the Maquinna Hot Springs!

Day 2: Under the tutelage of Gisele Martin, learn about the traditional Nuu Chah Nulth relationship to the land and seas of Clayoqout Sound, and gain an understanding of the concept of Hishuk-ish ts'awalk (Everything is Connected). With support from Tofino Water Taxi, students hiked the Tribal Park rainforest on Meares island and gained a better understanding of Hishuk-ish ts'walk.


SPRING 2015 - WEEK 2

Ms Andujo's Kindergarten/Grade 1 Class:

Day 1: Surfing with the amazingly supportive and generous crew at Pacific Surf School, followed by roasting marshmallows and beach games! I've never seen so many ear to ear smiles at the same time!

Day 2: Exploring the whale middens on the sacred Tla-o-qui-aht island of Echachis with our host Gisele Martin! Kleco Kleco for the invite and sharing this historic site with our youth!

SPRING 2015 - WEEK 3

Ms Renard's Kindergarten Class:

"You're so lucky to be able to take all of these kids out here!" said Sam (Skipper for Tofino Water Taxi) as he dropped 18 Kindergarten kids off at the Meares Island Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Park and Big Tree Trail for a rainforest hike with Gisele Martin. I couldn't agree more!

Also a huge thank you again to Pacific Surf School who on Day 1 played in the surf with all of the kids, explored the tide pools and helped build a lifelong love for the ocean!

SPRING 2015 - WEEK 4

Ms Siebel's Grade 2/3 Class:

Day 1: Exploring the Salmon Forest! Students hiked the Schooner Cove trail and learned about how the salmon need the forest and the forest need the salmon.

Day 2: "This is the best day of school ever!" - Indy, Grade 2. Gisele Martin taught us how to prepare a traditional pit cook at Tin Wis beach! Everyone did their part and reaped the rewards of perfectly steamed salmon and halibut (hissit and p̓uuʔi).

SPRING 2015 - WEEK 5

Ms Michaud's and Mr. Clarke's Grade 1/2 class.

Day 1: We had a perfect day on the water up the inlets with Jaimie's Whaling Station in search of wildlife. The students spotted black bears, seals, a California sea lion, harbour porpoise, eagles, blue herons, cormorants, jellyfish, and deer among other flora and fauna. Oh yeah and we caught three rock crab in our trap!

Day 2: With a focus on Animal Tracking, students learned to heighten their awareness and pay attention to the many clues and mysteries in the Schooner Cove rainforest. Gisele Martin shared some of her traditional Tla-o-qui-aht knowledge of the forest and students practiced tracking Brady in the forest!

Spring 2015 - Week 6

Ms Morris's Grade 5/6 Class

Day 1: With the help of Central Westcoast Forest Society we monitored and collected data on salmon smolts in Lost Shoe Creek, explored an old growth forest, second growth forest, second growth restored forest, and a clear cut to understand the impacts of natural resource extraction. Finally, we got our hands dirty and replaced alders with sitka spruce saplings and balsam saplings in the Lost Shoe Creek riparian zone!

Day 2: Another amazing day exploring the sacred Tla-o-qui-aht site on Echachis Island with Gisele. The students learned how the Tla-o-qui-aht Nation harvested whales sustainably for thousands of years.

Spring 2015 -  Week 7

Ms Burrows' Grade 4 Class

Day 1: We began the day by predicting weather and sea conditions and then tested our predictions firsthand while exploring the waters of Clayoqout Sound and whale watching with Jaimie's Whaling station! FYI 2 meter seas and 29 knot North Westerly winds = wet and fun!

Day 2: Why is the village of Opitsaht located where it is? What was the traditional name and site usage for Tofino? Why was Echachis Island chosen as one of many whaling villages? Students practiced map reading, orienteering and learning about traditional Tla o qui aht sites in Clayoqout Sound with Nuu Chah Nulth educator Gisele Martin.

SPRING 2015 - WEEK 8
Ms Copeland's Grade 3 class

Day 1: Exploring Seaweeds: Students Paddle boarded out to and snorkelled the kelp forests offshore of Tin Wis (Mackenzie Beach) with Tofino Paddle Surf.

Day 2: Understanding the traditional care-taking of the Rainforest at Schooner Cove with Gisele Martin. Students began the day with a rainforest hike that included lessons on ancient river watchers and tree analysts. Lunch on the beach was followed by a shelter building contest. The shelter that the adult chaperones would prefer to spend a night in determined the winner!