Raincoast Field School - Spring 2016 (Ucluelet)

The Raincoast Education Society is excited to announce our inaugural Ukee Field School in 2016! After our successful first year running our full day outdoor education programs in Tofino and through a generous donation from Jamie's Whaling Station, we have been able to expand and launch our Field School program with the support of the staff and administration at Ucluelet Elementary School. With a goal of getting our local elementary aged youth out on the land and water we have been thrilled to bring our transformative brand of place-based, experiential education to the whole peninsula. This spring, students have been surfing with their Tofino peers with the help of Pacific Surf School, exploring and cleaning up Barkley Sound's incredible offshore islands, collecting salmon smolt data and planting trees in the Lost Shoe Creek riparian zone, paddle boarding to kelp forests with Relic Surf School, venturing into the nearshore waters of Ucluelet with Jamie's Whaling Station and Subtidal Adventures, and discovering the creatures beneath the surface with the Ucluelet Aquarium.
It is our mission to reconnect our community's youth with the wild that surrounds us!
-Brady Clarke
Raincoast Field School Coordinator for Ucluelet

Raincoast Field School, Ucluelet, Spring Sessions (June 14)
Ms. Arensten's Grade 1/2 class

Another fun day cruising the Ucluelet Harbour looking for wildlife with Jamie's Whaling Station and Subtidal Adventures! We also had a fun scavenger hunt and did some dockside exploring with the women from the Ucluelet Aquarium!


Raincoast Field School, Ucluelet, Spring Sessions (June 7)
Mr. Garand's grade 3 Class

We spent a great day exploring the kelp forests just offshore of Little Beach with Relic Surf School, playing beach games, competing in an intertidal scavenger hunt and building driftwood forts. We were surprised to discover that there was predominately giant kelp in the Little Beach cove. I was amazed that the students have such an incredibly diverse and rich ecosystem barely a block from their classroom! We live in such an incredible place. Thanks again to Relic Surf School for all of their support!


Raincoast Field School, Ucluelet, Spring Sessions (May 31)
Ms. Green's 4/5/6 Class

Students have been learning about our region's natural resources and humans impact upon the land and sea. Today they explored the differences between clear cut, second growth, second growth restored, and old growth rainforests and their many critical connections to salmon species. They then took action with the girls from Central Westcoast Forest Society and got to work restoring the riparian zone of Lost Shoe Creek! Thanks to Central Westcoast Forest Society for for making this trip possible.

Raincoast Field School, Ucluelet, Spring Sessions (May 24)
Ms. Wilsons K/1 class

Students were treated to a wildlife-filled boat tour with Jamie's Whaling Station and Subtidal Adventures. We got up close and friendly with California Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Harbour Seals, Jellyfish, and Kingfishers. Afterwards we were able to explore the subsurface world in the Ucluelet Aquarium.  Thanks to sponsor Jamie's Whaling Station, Subtidal Adventures and the Ucluelet Aquarium for making this trip possible.


Raincoast Field School, Ucluelet, Spring Sessions (May17)
Ms. Wilson's Grade 2 Class

The students travelled out to Lost Shoe Creek where they hiked through and played games in an old growth forest, a second growth forest, a second growth restored forest and a clear cut. They also collected salmon smolts and collected data for Central Westcoast Forest Society. Finally, they put in a lot of hard work pulling alder saplings from the riparian zone and replaced them with cedars and spruce saplings. For years into the future they can look upon Lost Shoe Creek with pride in their work. I think we have some future tree planters in this crew! A big thank you to Central Westcoast Forest Society and our sponsor Jaimie's Whaling Station.


Raincoast Field School, Ucluelet, Spring Sessions (May 10)
Ms Cirella's Grade 3/4 Class

Week 2 of our innaugral Raincoast Field School in Ukee! The grade 3/4 students boarded a Jaimie's Whaling Station zodiac and ventured out to the George Frazer Islands in Barkley Sound for a day of exploring, investigating tide pools, harvesting traditional Nuu-chah-nulth foods with Melody Charlie and, through a spirited beach clean up, leaving the islands better than we found them. Thanks again to our sponsor Jaimie's Whaling Station for making this all possible.

Raincoast Field School, Spring Sessions (May 3)
Ms. Hansen’s grade 6/7 class (Tofino) and Ms. Kinvig’s grade 6/7 class (Ukee)

The oldest students in Ucluelet and Tofino elementary schools got together for a jam-packed surf day! Thanks to the guidance from awesome instructors at Pacific Surf School students got to spend the morning in the ocean together, and then have lunch over a beach bonfire. Some students made new friends over a game of ankle tag – and now they can’t wait until grade 8 (high school) to hang out again!