Photo Silent Auction

As a part of the 4th annual Capturing the Coast Photo Contest, the Raincoast Education Society is hosting a Silent Auction of photo prints donated by prominent local photographers.

All photos are printed and on display for viewing! You can find these photographs at Blackrock Oceanfront Resort, Long Beach Lodge Resort, and the Wickaninnish Inn. You can also view the photos online.

All photographs are printed, framed and signed!

All funds raised will directly support the Raincoast Field School, which provides nature-based education for local youth.

Participating artists:

Graeme Owsianski
Graeme Owsianski lives in Ucluelet B.C. and works as both a carpenter and outdoor lifestyle photographer. He's constantly inspired by his surroundings; the landscape, ocean, wildlife and people in the community and can only hope the photographs he takes inspire others.
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Jeremy Koreski grew up in Tofino, BC, and had the good fortune to be in and around the ocean from an early age. He started out in high school taking photos of friends surfing on the local beaches, and since then his still and motion work has focused on surfing, fishing, and the life and culture of the Canadian coast.
"I've always loved the journey and the simple adventure of getting there. I love exploring new places and being outdoors all the time, and I hope to inspire people, through my work, to do the same."
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Kyler Vos is a wildlife, surf, and landscape photographer based out of Tofino, BC.
"His apptitude for adventue both above and below the water allows him to capture stunning images depicting life on the West Coast."
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Marcus Paladino is a cold water surf and lifestyle photographer based out of Tofino, BC.
"Too often photos in cold water destinations depend on the mountains, the snow and the wildlife to make the shot work, however, Marcus is never content to rely on them. There are good waves on the west coast of Canada, but Marcus knows there are also some damn good surfers. Probably spending more time in the water than most surfers in Canada would be comfortable with, he's intent on showcasing the high performance surfing that continues to be pushed north of the 49th parallel. The hard work that is required to focus on performance surfing has made Marcus one of the desired photographers pros look to work with in Canada. As the tides, wind and swell are difficult to line up, surfers love having a dependable photographer around who's always keen for a mission with no guarantees." -Garrett Holt
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Melody Charlie is passionate about connecting to land, language & spirit.
"t̓aaqaakaḥ ʔani hininqa ƛułtuupʔi - I believe in the good things coming"
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Owen Perry is a Tofino based landscape photographer and interactive designer inspired by our coastal environment. He believes photography is a powerful medium that can help foster a culture of conservation and protection for our coast.

Owen's work is influenced by nostalgic qualities of analog film and Canadian cultural narratives owed to the Group of Seven, National Film Board of Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and National Geographic. When he's not out taking photos, he's usually surfing, skiing or hiking along the coast.
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Paul Levy is originally from London, England but found his way to Tofino after 15 years of travelling. Now specialising in wedding photography, he is also available for family portraiture, commercial and editorial commissions.

"Tofino is my idea of paradise. It's truly elemental and I'm constantly in awe of the dynamic relationships we witness here. It's also the only place I've ever lived where my camera comes out with me every time I step outside. When it comes to photography, what I really adore is making a genuine connection with the people I'm lucky enough to photograph. With some minor direction and a little anticipation, together we can find the perfect blend of epic and intimate. Those little in-between points in time that show you in your comfort zone, and also at your best."
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TJ Watt is an award-winning nature and conservation photographer from Victoria, BC. Combining his passion for rainforest conservation with professional photography, TJ sheds light on BC's endangered old-growth forests in an effort to help see them saved. A self-described 'big-tree hunter', he can be found driving rough backroads and exploring remote regions of Vancouver Island in search of the last old-growth giants. TJ is also a cofounder, campaigner, and photographer with the Ancient Forest Alliance, a non-profit organization that works to protect BC's old-growth forests and ensure a sustainable second-growth forest industry.
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Wayne Barnes
"I started my photography in '73 after a one year course. I am a wildlife photographer. I try to connect with my animal friends. They recognize me & allow me inside their flight zone. Each animal is as unique as any human. This process for me personally has been most fulfilling & rewarding!"
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