Subtidal Ocean Ecosystems


Learn about the habitats and organisms of this nearshore, marine zone below the low tide zone. Lessons are best suited for learners in grades K-7.

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Raincoast Challenge

The Raincoast Challenge is an at-home activity based on the day’s lesson. Complete the challenge and share with us live on Thursday and on social media using the hashtag #raincoastfieldschool. Ready, Set, Go!

Questions and Answers

Each week, we compile a list of questions asked by our students. On Thursday we answer these questions during our live lesson. Maybe your learner has the same question? Download the PDF to read our answers!

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Live Lesson: Tuesday, June 9th 2020 @ 11am PDT

“Subtidal Ocean Ecosystems”

Join us live on Zoom or Facebook for a virtual lesson. Taylor and Stef share their explorations outdoors to understand the subtidal marine ecosystem.

Share with us @ home

Live Lesson: Thursday, June 11th 2020 @ 11am PDT

“Question and Answer time with Raincoast Field School @ home”

Students can ask questions, and discuss the weeks lesson in a guided conversation with Raincoast Educators. Students will have opportunities to share their Raincoast Challenges during this virtual lesson.

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