Wildlife Tracking Evaluation
with evaluator David Moskowitz
2019 Dates: TBD
Tofino, B.C.

This two-day course is for experienced wildlife trackers to hone their skills, and receive a widely recognized certification.

David Moskowitz provides Track and Sign Certifications through Cybertracker Conservation, an international non-profit conservation organization. Their mission is to help communities and individuals monitor their own environment by providing software that is free and easy to use by all people, regardless of their level of education, and by providing Tracker Evaluations to help people develop their practical observation skills. Cybertracker’s Wildlife Tracking Certification has become the international standard for professional and amateur certification in the field of wildlife tracking.

Cybertracker Conservation’s Track and Sign Certification is relatively simple and entirely field-based. The Evaluator selects numerous tracks and signs discovered in the field and asks participants various questions about them. Each participant is allowed to inspect the sign, search for any additional evidence to help interpret it, and answer the question. After each participant has answered a question, the entire group discusses it and the evaluator points out the features that allow for conclusive identification of the track or sign in question. Evaluations have a minimum of 40 and maximum 70 questions on them depending on field condition. Each question is ranked in difficulty based on a set of objective criteria which influences the scoring of participants’ performance. At the end of two days of evaluation, certificates are awarded as appropriate and everyone who receives a certificate is recorded in a public database of Certified trackers.

For a complete outline of the certification process, various certification levels, and for a list of certified trackers from around the world visit: cybertracker.org/tracking/evaluations

For more information on Cybertracker Conservation globally, its history, and current projects, visit www.cybertracker.org. For more information on Cybertracker Conservation in North America, including a list of certified trackers in North America, visit trackercertification.com.