Hannah is a fourth year Earth and Ocean Sciences student at the University of British Columbia, and is thrilled to be one of Raincoast Education Society’s interns this summer season.

Raised in the heart of the continent in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Hannah grew up spending her free time in the forests and on the lakes and rivers of the Canadian Shield. She soon discovered her interest in environmental education after spending her high school and early university summers working at outdoor camps in Manitoba and Ontario. In recent years she has nourished this passion by working in environmental nonprofits in Vancouver: as a canvasser and tour guide with the Ancient Forest Alliance, and as an environmental educator with the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

Outside of work and school, Hannah is an avid artist who loves to paint and sketch both the world she sees around her and the world that lives inside her head. She also enjoys spending her time biking, running, and hiking in the great outdoors.

Hannah hopes that, through her time at Raincoast, she will be able to bring people closer to the wonders that lie within the coast’s backyard, and allow them to foster that curiosity and passion towards the natural world that lies within all of us.