Born and raised as an island child, Kaylyn Kwasnecha is an avid adventurer and self-proclaimed naturalist who always dreamt of becoming a “flower scientist”. Through her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Victoria, Kaylyn has gained 4 years of experience with Parks Canada working with species at risk, volunteered abroad on organic farms, and participated in alternative learning field schools at the Hakai Institute, Whale Research Lab, and Glacier National Park.

With any spare time, Kaylyn seeks adventure through camping and foraging in the woods, hiking and snowboarding around mountains, as well as paddling and fishing on the ocean. She is also an amateur painter, photographer, and tea-drinker. She has a passion for learning as much as possible about local flora and fauna wherever she travels, connecting with like-minded conservationists, and inspiring others, especially children, to appreciate and protect the natural world.

After becoming a Summer Intern in 2015, Kaylyn became the Project Lead for the Connecting Students with Wildlife Project researching large carnivores on the coast. We are lucky to keep her working with Raincoast right now as our social media coordinator.

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