Maddy Bolt

Maddy Bolt

Tofino Field School Coordinator

From a youthful age, Maddy spent every spare moment she had collecting ladybugs, snorkelling on shipwrecks for hours and playing in the forest collecting flowers. Maddy has always known that she was meant to spend her life outside. Exploring the great lakes and forests of Ontario, she cultivated a love for nature, conservation and all things aquatic. Since these times of budding and sprouting interests in the natural world, her love and passion for the outdoors has taken her all over the world to places as diverse as Costa Rica, Australia, the Caribbean, Botswana and South Africa. 

As time progressed, she decided to embark on her dream degree at the University of British Columbia. Maddy has spent 5 years studying Biology at UBC, where she is now completing an honours thesis in Marine Biology, looking into communication bias within the case study of marine ecological system management. 

Her outdoor experience ranges from working as a Wilderness First Responder, to teaching scuba diving, sailing and marine biology in the British Virgin Islands. During her time in the BVIs, she was responsible for leading interactive science communication education programs, facilitating student-led projects and managing student relations. Maddy loves to share her knowledge of west coast ecosystems with her students, however as a keen learner herself, she strives to learn more about the local area from others around her. Additionally, while she has immersed herself in west coast Indigenous culture, she is always committed to learning more about First Nations communities. 

Spending time abroad in Australia, Maddy was able to observe unique and contrasting ecosystems to the wild, wet, west coast. This experience allowed her to appreciate the differences in ecosystems globally, as well as see how different landscapes, flora and fauna are adapted to different environments. She hopes to bring her new outlook of the west coast to ignite an appreciation for this special and unique place in her students. 

Prior to working with RES, Maddy was working as a tree planter in Northern British Columbia, getting down and dirty, planning ahead and exhibiting her comfort with spending her entire day outdoors, despite rain, snow, hail and scorching sun. She is looking forward to spending more time outside with the students growing together to learn about how their classroom lessons can be applied to the dynamic and growing environment around them. Her passion for education and science exist at the perfect cross-section for the Tofino Field School Coordinator position. 

When she’s not working, Maddy can be found practising yoga, surfing skills and cooking up an awesome vegetarian meal, usually not all at the same time.