Savannah Lincez

Savannah Lincez

Ucluelet Field School Coordinator

Savannah comes to us from the prairies, being from a military family she had the chance to explore most of Canada and appreciate how multifaceted each place can be. Family time was spent either camped in the living room with a long movie series and all the snacks or tenting in the middle of nowhere with all the creatures. Savannah has always been interested in learning about the world of living things and grew up reading series like Getting to Know…Nature’s Children and a vintage National Geographic collection started by her grandmother.

Savannah received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta, during that time she interned at the Alberta SPCA in the Education Department helping implement their humane education philosophy of encouraging compassion and respect for the environment, animals and humans. This experience was the catalyst to Savannah’s search for melding two of her passions, facilitating meaningful learning and appreciating the natural world around us.

In search of a community to call her own, Savannah began substitute teaching for the district she went to primary school in, while she learned some great skills and met some amazing people she longed for her own classroom. By the next school year Savannah began teaching at a small private school as a General Studies teacher for a grade 1 and a grade 3 class. Those 2 years in the classroom were amazing, hilarious, overwhelming, bucket-filling, and full of learning for her students as well as herself. But the yearning for a nature inspired community and career was ever present. Not unlike many PNW transplants Savannah and her partner Sean came to Tofino/Ucluelet on a spring break vacation and within 6 months they uprooted and moved their cat and dog to their new forever home.

Savannah is delighted to be able to share her enthusiasm for all living things while facilitating activities that encourage curiosity and create worthwhile discussions as the Ucluelet Field School Coordinator. Savannah is committed to holding space for the local Indiginous knowledge and is committed to continue developing authentic relationships within the community.

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