Pacific Golden Plover Photo: Shanti Davis

We are planning this course for April, 2018.

Mark Maftei's passion for seabirds has taken him around the globe, from Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic to South Georgia Island in the Southern Ocean. Although he specializes in Arctic species, Mark’s recent work has focused on learning more about some of BC’s most interesting and enigmatic seabirds including rhinoceros and Cassin’s auklets - two species which breed and winter in our waters. Mark spent many years living in Bamfield and now resides in Victoria where he works for the Wildlife Research Division of Environment Canada studying colonial seabirds. In addition to his work with the government, Mark is also a founding member of the High Arctic Gull Research Group, a collaborative team of scientists currently conducting research on some of the rarest and least-known seabirds in the world.

We are excited to be organizing a Coastal Birding Weekend Field Course with Mark. His expertise and knowledge of the local area will make this course an inspiring educational experience!

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