What We Do

We believe that healthy ecosystems and healthy communities are interconnected and that knowledge is the bond that strengthens that connection. Operating in Clayoquot Sound for almost two decades has taught us that the most meaningful and transformative programs are those that get people out onto the land and water. That is why we offer the majority of our programs outdoors, whether it’s surveying eelgrass meadows with citizen scientists or guiding local youth up lush rainforest valleys.

Youth Education

Our youth education programs reach over 1,000 youth per year. We work hard to design and deliver a broad range of high-caliber outdoor education programs that inspire local youth to get outside, think critically, and become actively engaged in building a sustainable future.

Adult Education

We offer high-quality courses and presentations that inspire adults and young adults to connect with natural ecosystems. Our programs take an informal approach to education and bring people of all ages out on the land and the water to learn about, appreciate, and be inspired by the natural world through immersion; only through getting our hands dirty and our feet wet will we truly understand what makes this place so special.

Research and Monitoring

The Raincoast Education Society is actively involved in scientific research and monitoring in Clayoquot and Barkley Sound. Our work in this field may sometimes go ‘under the radar’, but it’s an important part of our mission. Our core staff includes several biologists who often work in collaboration with partners from other local, provincial, or national agencies and organizations. The RES enjoys the freedom of a broad mandate and the ability to focus on locally relevant issues that affect the communities we serve. From water sampling to shorebird tracking, every project the RES takes on seeks to collect data that can provide a solid, scientifically-based reference to inform local efforts to manage, enhance, protect and preserve the unique natural environment we live in and the species we share it with.

Events and Festivals

We run a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, including our signature fundraiser, the Tofino Lantern Festival, and our annual celebration of shorebird migration through the area, the Tofino Shorebird Festival. Explore our calendar of events for all of the details!

Need help?

If you have any questions about our courses, our events, or just us in general – we’re here to help!