Ecology Tours

Our expert guides draw on both scientific and cultural perspectives to provide a unique understanding of the globally significant ecosystems of the region. From the rare coastal rainforests to the rich marine environment to the impressive wildlife migrations, our guided walks explore the incredible diversity of flora and fauna as well as the complex environmental and cultural landscape that defines the region to this day.

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Rainforest Ecology Walks

Coastal Temperate Rainforest, Clayoquot Sound.

Coastal temperate rainforests are one of the world’s rarest ecosystems, comprising less than 0.1% of the earth’s surface. British Columbia is home to more than 25% of the earth's remaining old-growth temperate rainforests, with Clayoquot Sound containing the largest tracts of ancient rainforest on Vancouver Island. Our guided rainforest walks will provide you with a unique understanding of this globally significant ecosystem...

Raincoast Intertidal Ecology Walks

Photo of four children inspecting a purple, bat star during an intertidal walk.

Our intertidal walks are a great way to learn about the fascinating creatures that inhabit our coastal tide pools. Tide pools exist in the rocky intertidal zone, subject to two high-tides and two low-tides everyday. Thus, half the time the rocky intertidal zone is underwater and half the time it is exposed to the air. Not only do the hearty marine creatures that inhabit this rugged environment have to deal with fierce waves...

Mudflat Ecology Walks

The Tofino Mudflats Wildlife Management Area (TMWMA) is the only protected area in the District of Tofino, and is home to dozens of marine and terrestrial species, from shrimp, clams and packs of wolves to herons, owls and migrating shorebirds. Our mudflat walks provide a unique, hands-on introduction to this rich and complex ecosystem. Depending on the group, we can stay close to shore or take off our shoes and head out into the mud...