Photo of four children inspecting a purple, bat star during an intertidal walk.

A few young naturalists inspect a Bat Star during an Intertidal Walk. Photo Dan Harrison

Raincoast Intertidal Ecology Walks

Our intertidal walks are a great way to learn about the fascinating creatures that inhabit our coastal tide pools. Tide pools exist in the rocky intertidal zone (intertidal: the area between the highest high tide and the lowest low tide). Our coast is subject to two high-tides and two low-tides everyday (~6 hrs between each change); thus, half the time the rocky intertidal zone is underwater and half the time it is exposed to the air. Not only do the hearty marine creatures that inhabit this rugged environment have to deal with fierce waves, cold water and marine predation when the tide is in, they also have to adapt to being out of the water for extended periods and avoid terrestrial predation when the tide is out. 

Our intertidal walks draw on both scientific and cultural perspectives to provide a unique appreciation of this fascinating ecosystem. Intertidal walks are 1-1.5hrs in duration. Please contact us to book a program or for more info. Click here for local tide information.