Speaker Series

The 2015-2016 Raincoast Speaker Series (Sept 2015 - May 2016) is designed to provide public education opportunities that highlight important projects and ideas through a series of monthly lectures by some of the top environmental researchers and educators in the region. The goal of the speaker series is to provide high-quality, inspirational events that create awareness around key environmental issues in our region. Lectures will focus on topics ranging from marine and terrestrial ecology, to environmental stewardship and sustainabilty.

Please check back for updates to the 2015-2016 speaker series.


The Real Thing: The Natural History of Ian McTaggart Cowan
Briony Penn

DATE: Wednesday, October 28 @ 7:30pm
WHERE: Ecolodge Classroom at the Tofino Botanical Gardens
COST: $5

The Real Thing: The Natural History of Ian McTaggart Cowan is the official biography of early biologist/conservationist McTaggart Cowan, who was documenting biodiversity, climate change, logging, pesticides, and conservation issues before most of us were born.  Briony will be coming to Tofino with specimens, some clips from his early TV shows that were the forerunner to Suzuki's (who he first hired) The Nature of Things and the "fascinating" stories from his wildlife journals that span the entire province from Cleland Island to the Kootenays, species from Alces to Zapus and the full century that he lived through. His early days in Tofino in 1930 collecting with Kenneth Racey for the National Museum of Canada will be part of the evening's presentation.

Briony Penn is a naturalist, broadcaster, educator, and writer well known across Canada. As a journalist, columnist and author, Briony has a publishing record of hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines as well as books, government publications and peer-reviewed journals. She is also an artist and has exhibited and published widely on natural history themes. Briony is a pioneer of community mapping and has created numerous artistic community maps that have been replicated across North America and Europe.


Animal Tracking 101 - The Hidden Lives of Animals
David Moskowitz

DATE: Thursday, Sept 10 @ 7:30 pm
WHERE: Ecolodge Classroom at the Tofino Botanical Gardens
COST: $5

Join David Moskowitz, expert wildlife tracker and author of Wolves in the Land of Salmon and Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, for an evening of amazing photographs and stories exploring the hidden lives of our region’s wildlife. From the tiniest shrews to bears and cougars, the signs of wild animals are around us year-round, waiting to be discovered by the observant outdoor adventurist. David will share tips on how to find wild animals and interpret the signs they leave behind on this coastal landscape including tracks, feeding sign and scent marking.

David Moskowitz is a certified Track and Sign Specialist through Cybertracker Conservation International, the international standard for wildlife tracking certification, for which he is also an evaluator. David works as a biologist, photographer, and educator across North America and beyond.